Groundbreaking “Video Content Multiplier” Creates Months Worth of 100% UNIQUE, Gorgeous Video Content for Easy Leads and Sales in Minutes...

Perfect to Quickly Sell as a Service to Desperate Local Clients For a High Monthly, Recurring Fees.
  • Unlimited, Unique Video Content - Turn any piece of content into dozens of unique videos, podcasts, blog posts and emails in minutes
  • “Repurpose” Existing YouTube Videos - Extract what’s actually spoken in any video and turn it into your own 100% unique video.
  • Rich Customization Ability - Add text, fonts, stock videos, images, and more to make each video look amazing and sharable.
  • Commercial Rights & Templates - Bank six figures per year selling video content creation and lead gen. videos to clients the easy way!
Get Access to VidRepurposer Commercial Now
  • Your low-cost investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee

How would you like to...

get 46,663 video views from scratch and 124,794 people reached on a brand-new Facebook page with no ad spend like this…

turn those views into 1500+ leads quickly like how we captured 825 messenger leads 675 email subscribers…

and passively profit from them, like how we made $6k from a new Amazon product in a brand new account like this…

for your business or for your agency clients? Well, before I explain exactly how you can do that with just minutes of work I need to tell you that…

In 2019 getting free traffic and leads is going to become near impossible for most people.

If you haven’t already noticed…

  • SEO is harder than ever - with 5,212,899 new websites created every year, it’s only getting tougher to rank.
  • Paid ads are more expensive - in 2013 the average cost per click was $0.92 cents… it’s now $2.14.
  • YouTube is overcrowded - with over 1.5 BILLION accounts and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.
  • Facebook is a bloodbath - with 5 million advertisers fighting for clicks and hungry for your traffic.
In 2019 it’s gonna get even harder because right now and in the next 12 months…

Whoever creates the most unique video content will win in their respective niche.

Every single credible traffic expert agrees; you need to be creating unique content that adds value to have any success today.

Check out some of these stats:

  • Populating websites with blog content is how you end up with 434% more reach and search engine-indexed pages than other businesses that don’t - TechClient
  • Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without. - Impactbnd
  • 47% of buyers view at least 3–5 pieces of content before they contact a sales representative and 96% of B2B buyers look for more information from industry thought leaders before buying. - HubSpot

But, not just any content. You need to be creating unique video content.

  • 87% OF ONLINE MARKETERS use video content.
  • 85% OF THE US INTERNET AUDIENCE watches videos online.
  • 51% OF MARKETING PROFESSIONALS worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • VIDEO DRIVES A 157% INCREASE in organic traffic from SERPs.
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions BY 80% OR MORE.
  • MORE VIDEO CONTENT IS UPLOADED IN 30 DAYS than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.

We realized we had two choices…

Keep overpaying for expensive ads and getting little to no results with content “hijackers”, auto-bloggers, and DFY templates that Google and YouTube will just penalize.
OR... Come up with a way to crank out unique, rankable VIDEO content quickly that still looks good enough for traffic and shares.

Of course, creating videos that are actually unique and add value take days to do. As a small business, there was no way we could do that for ourselves and especially for the many clients we served.

That’s why we had no choice but to invent new cloud-based “repurposing” video technology that could give a months worth of quality, unique content with just minutes of work.



A groundbreaking cloud app that “repurpose” existing videos and content into brand new expert content for easy traffic, leads, and sales for ourselves and clients.

Allowing you to turn any YouTube video, text document or URL into multiple pieces of unique content in minutes…

flooding your website, social media and YouTube channels with content people can't ignore…

… and easily ranking you and your clients at the top of YouTube and Google.

With VidRepurposer you’re getting the ultimate “content multiplier” that can quickly turn…

Crank Out and Repurpose
Killer Content
in 4 Easy Steps

1Step 1. Choose what you want to repurpose.

Choose whether you want to repurpose a YouTube video, a blog URL, text, spoken audio, or one of VidRepurposers 7 DFY local niche templates to create a new video.

2Step 2. Insert any Text or URL (including YouTube video URLs)
into the App

Search for a video you want to repurpose within the app or insert any URL. VidRepurposer will extract the content for you including the actual spoken text of the video and organize it into optional slides. You can choose to spin the text so it’s unique or edit it yourself if you choose.

3Step 3. Do Rich Customization of the Video

Add background images and videos, reposition text, choose fonts and colors, and more to make a gorgeous, fully unique video in minutes.

4Step 4. Preview, Render, & Repurpose

Preview how the video looks, then export to use on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Plus, you can “repurpose” your new video into text for a lead magnet, a blog post, audio for a podcast, and more to 10x traffic

Check Out How Easy it is to Use:

We repurposed these pro videos in under 5 minutes with VidRepurposer…

A Few Features Include:

Quickly Turn Any YouTube Video Into a 100% Unique Video

Choose any video you own (or someone else does) and extra the content to turn into your own unique video.

VidRepurposer will extract what’s actually spoken in the video (not just the description) for you to repurpose into something 100% unique

Turn Any Blog Post or Text Into a Fully Unique Video

Quickly paste any blog URL or text document and VidRepuposer will help you create it into a stunning, much more engaging video to upload to YouTube, Facebook, use in ads, and more.

Repurpose Videos into Audios, Blog Posts, Lead Magnets, and More

Don’t just stop at video creation.

Take your created video and repurpose it into a new blog post, a lead magnet, an audio version for a podcast, and more to reach more traffic channels (and more leads) with just a click of a button.

Commercial License Included

Local clients like doctors, plumbers, restaurants, and more need more leads and unique content.

With the Commercial License, you can sell the videos you create, charge per lead, or sell content creation as a high-ticket monthly service!

Rich Customization of Each Video

Add text, change font size and color, add background images and videos, customized the number of slides, edit the content, and more. The options are endless with the built-in WYSIWYG video editor.

Access to VidRepurposer Video and Image Stock Library

Get access to thousands of dollars worth of premium stock images and stock videos to use in your VidRepurposer videos.

Just enter a keyword and choose from right inside the built-in library.

7 DFY Templates to Choose From

Need to get videos created ultra fast? You'll get 7 pre-loaded DFY templates already created in the hottest local niches including Dentist, Real Estate, Pizza Shop, CPA, Personal Attorney, Florist, Wedding Planner, Auto Repair.

And Even More Features Like:

  • Fully Cloud-based – Nothing to Install
  • Preview Videos Before Rendering
  • Tested with Proven Results
  • Turn Quotes into Text Videos for More Shares
  • Turn informative videos and posts into your own unique video course
  • Add Branding - Easily Add your Brand logos to videos as a Image or Watermark.
  • Add Intro/Outro video - Instantly add a Intro and outro video to be added onto your brand new Repurposed Video.
  • Brand New Videos from Subtitle(SRT) files - Repurpose Old Subtitles to create Eye Catching NEW Video in mins.
Get Access to VidRepurposer Commercial Now
  • Your low-cost investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee

Collect easy cash from clients with your own Commercial License included!

With VidRepurposer, you’re getting commercial license thrown in for free, allowing you to quickly create unique, expert content for clients in minutes and collect some of the easiest paychecks you’ll ever see!


Because local (and online) businesses are tired of the same cookie cutter template services or gimmick SEO ranking strategies.

They, like you, know that to win in 2019 you must have unique video content and unique lead generation videos…

and no one is offering that to them now making this a virtually untapped opportunity.

Just imagine the possibilities from one client…

Client 1

Type of content Price
eBook $495
Blog Post $175
Video $225
Social Media $180

That’s $1075 from 1 client!

And with VidRepurposer, you can create and repurpose the content in different mediums in a fraction of the time it would have taken you in the past!

And the best part is…

… there are endless clients waiting to pay you this kind of cash, starting right now!

In just 1 hour, you can create hundreds of dollars worth of content for clients, without any creativity, research or endless typing.

And believe me, clients are everywhere…

Right now, there are thousands of busy local clients like doctors, plumbers, and restaurants who desperately need unique video content because they know…

2019 they can't survive without it!

Which means there has never been a better time to jump onboard this amazing opportunity and cash in with your copy of VidRepurposer.

Whether you’re an agency looking to slash your hours and triple your income…

or you’re a marketer who needs a much faster, easier way to create traffic—getting, sales—making content, I’m so excited for you…

because VidRepurposer is going to be your secret shortcut to cranking out content that can’t be ignored…

making you a trusted authority in your niche…

and letting you dominate YouTube, social media, and Google.

This is going to help you get more traffic and sales no matter what type type of business you have!

Ecom store owners

Want free traffic from people who are searching for what you sell? Then load your store up with product-focused content that attracts searchers to your store like bees to pollen. Enter a product keyword or a problem-based keyword into VidRepurposer and in minutes, you’ve got a trust winning video, blog post or document to drive free traffic over and over!

List builders

Create expert lead magnets in minutes, even if you’re not an expert in your niche. Quickly turn any popular and useful video into your own unique video presentation, eBook, report or email series that explodes your opt-in rate and builds your list faster than ever.

Affiliate marketers

Dominate niche after niche with affiliate websites loaded with expert content that’s 100% unique. Rocket to the top of Google, rake in free traffic with fresh content and enjoy passive affiliate paychecks, month after month.

Product launchers

Quickly create expert products, prelaunch material, email follow-up sequences and more in minutes. Launch products faster and more frequently, in any niche, by turning other people’s content and knowledge into your own money-making empire.

Marketing agencies and freelancers

Deliver expert content to your clients faster than ever, without endless research or hammering away at the keyboard all day. Ramp up your income and make your clients leap with joy at the speed of your work!

Local businesses

Finally get the exposure you deserve in Google and social media, with endless free content that you can create in minutes. Out publish your competitors, establish true authority in your niche and attract free customers to your business, year after year.

With this amount of content creation power you’ll never look back…

  • Dominate the search engines. Flood your website with fresh daily content that people love and send endless free traffic to your business day after day.
  • Crank out killer social posts. Turn expert content into powerful, useful Facebook and Twitter posts that people can’t ignore and want to share.
  • Build your list at breakneck speed. Crank out awesome lead magnets packed with expert knowledge and watch your opt-in rate explode!
  • Crank out best—selling products. Quickly turn other people’s expertise into unique content you can legally sell as your own, in niche after niche!
  • Eliminate the guesswork. See which content is already popular in your niche and convert it into your own unique version in minutes. No more searching for ideas and creating everything from scratch, hoping it might work!
  • Launch a money—making agency. Produce expert content for clients in record speed, getting paid hundreds per hour for just minutes of your time.
  • Save endless hours and thousands of dollars. No more hiring researchers, writers, editors, designers, videographers and spending hundreds of dollars to create a single piece of content. No more hacking away at the keyboard all day to create a single blog post.
Get Access to VidRepurposer Commercial Now
  • Your low-cost investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee

VidRepurposer vs “The Other Guys”

Check out all the unique features available only in Vidrepurposer compared
to just basic video apps.

  • Create Videos From Other Video Links
  • Repurpose Created Videos into More Unique Content
  • Every Single Aspect of Video is Customizable
  • Creates Blog Articles Into Videos
  • Publishes Video in HD Format
  • Preview Video Slide Animations Before Render


  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Other Guys

  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Some
  • No Requires Upgrades
  • No

So, How Much is VidRepurposer Worth?

Before I answer that question, ask yourself this: Can I create all this awesome video content alone instead?

Sure you could, but is that how you want to spend the next 5 years of your life…?

Crouching over a laptop or tablet, tapping away, trying to come up with unique content in niches you don’t know much about?

Do you really want to spend another precious evening staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write about that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before? Then, have to spend hours turning that into a video for serious engagement?

The truth is, there are content creation agencies that charge $2000-$7000 per month for basically what you’re getting today with VidRepurposer.

But, you don’t have to pay $2000 a month, or even $197 per month.

In fact, during this special launch offer you don’t have to any sort of monthly or yearly fees in a deal you won’t believe.

You don’t have to be a slave to content anymore!

Now you finally have the content creation power that is usually reserved for fortune 500 companies...

allowing you to create expert content in minutes...

without hiring teams of experts to get the job done.

Just enter any URL, YouTube video or upload a text document and VidRepurposer will convert it into 100% unique videos, text and audio for all your content needs.

But fair warning…

This is a limited-time offer and is about to be closed to the public.

We cannot continue to offer VidRepurposer for this ridiculously low price for much longer. To support the bandwidth for this technology and provide you with world-class support, we must raise our rates imminently.

Plus, VidRepurposer will soon be sold for a monthly or yearly subscription due to the bandwidth it’s taking up on our servers. If you buy now, you’ll lock in access month to month for a one-time only and super low fee today.

So fair warning, the incredibly low price you see below will disappear any moment now potentially doubling or tripling in price without warning.

And once this launch is over, the price will probably double or triple again (If we decide to continue selling it to the public at all) and will only be available as a monthly subscription.

Don’t let it slip away and end up kicking yourself later.

Hit the order button below to lock in your Commercial License as a special bonus today and get access to VidRepurposer now.

Plus, you’re fully protected by our
“Video Traffic” guarantee

We want you to test this out for yourself for the next 30 days. Within that time we fully expect you to be doubling your traffic and leads with the same amount of work. Plus, landing at least 3 new clients each week if your an Agency

We’ll fall off our seats in shock if you don’t make at least $500 extra per week within the next 30 days of using this software and going through the training systems.

We can’t wait to hear your results…

and how this has been the #1 thing that has finally allowed you to make a consistent, reliable and income from home, easier and faster than anything else out there.

If you’re ready for a truly unfair shortcut to create content fast...

just tap the order button below to proceed to a secure payment screen. It takes just 60 seconds to complete your order.

Click the button below now and we promise this will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

VidRepurposer Commercial

Just $197
VidRepurposer Commercial
  • Your low-cost investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee

To Your Success

Ben Murray with the Rack Infotech Team

Ben Murray

Rohan Chaudhari

Harshal Jadhav

Frequently Asked Questions

What All Am I Getting in My Purchase?

You'll get everything you see today in the features and the demo with your purchase. With VidRepurposer Commercial, you'll be able to create videos two minutes in length and up to 30 slides.

Why is this Better Than Other Video Tools?

Unlike other tools, VidRepurposer can create fully unique video content that viewers will actually want to watch and share in minutes. That means far easier social and SEO traffic. It's also the only tool in the world that can create videos from other videos, URLs, and audio all-in-one from links. Plus, it has the 7 hot local niche templates, too, to hit the ground running fast.

Do I Have to Buy an Upsell to Get the "Real Version"?

Nope! Unlike other offers, you can go out and have major success with VidRepurposer Commercial alone, no need to buy any upsells if you don't want. However, we do offer two upgrades that include more features for power users you can see after you buy if you're interested.

Do You Offer Fast Support and Training?

Yes, the Rack Infotech team has invested in more developers and support staff so they can offer 24/7 support. You can see our support link at the bottom of this page. There's also detailed video tutorial, too.

Does it Work for Mac and PC?

VidRepurposer is fully cloud-based so it works on any system at any time.

Can I Sell the Videos I Create?

Yes, you have the Commercial License to charge for video creation, ability to sell the videos for any price and keep all the profit, or even charge by leads you generate from the videos.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Of course! You have a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Try it for yourself, see how easy you can find and win clients, and if you don’t agree, contact us for an instant, no—hassle refund.
Get Access to VidRepurposer Commercial Now
  • Your low-cost investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee